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“Melissa Merrell is the kind of person needed in local government. Her strong faith, vast experience, as well as her wisdom and courage make her an effective advocate for her constituents. As a long serving school board member, she has put families first, honoring the wishes of parents who best know the needs of their children. She’s a leader everyone can look up to and be proud to have represent the good people of Union County, North Carolina, with grace and distinction.”

Meg Kilgannnon, Former Director, Office of Faith and Opportunity Initiatives, US Department of Education - Trump Administration 


"Melissa Merrell has been the voice of reason and conservative values while serving on the Union County School board. Her consistency in representing the people has been refreshing and not self-serving. Transitioning that leadership to the Board of Commissioners is not only needed but welcomed. Join me in supporting Melissa while making sure our county has not only a conservative leader but a Christian voice."

- Mike Whitson, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Indian Trail


“Melissa Merrell has the qualities that make her an outstanding person willing to serve Union County on the School Board and County Commissioners.  The best qualities Melissa has is her honesty and integrity to serve Union County and to make it best possible place to live.  I have 100% confidence that Melissa will serve us all well as a Union County Commissioner.” - Mayor Wyatt Dunn, Stallings, NC


It is a distinct honor and privilege to endorse Mrs. Melissa Merrell for County Commissioner and am honored to be called a friend of Melissa.  She is a very professional, friendly and ethical lady that I have known for over twelve years.  During the past few years, dealing with the enormous and controversial problems with the Covid pandemic, Melissa took charge as the Chairman of the Union County School Board, providing sound decisions resulting in having the number one school district in the state.  Melissa is unique in that she makes decisions not for political gain nor to appease people…she makes decisions “to do what is right”...We have worked together in Scouting where she has devoted countless hours for the benefit of our youth, helping each Scout achieve their potential…Melissa is a devout Christian lady of impeccable character and unquestionable integrity, devoted to her principles of family and country…With the countless challenges facing our community, it is imperative that we have strong leadership to face the storms that will arise.  Melissa Merrell could and would face these challenges and supply the necessary leadership to resolve issues… Melissa Merrell would be a tremendous addition to the Board of Commissioners…It gives me great pleasure to endorse Melissa Merrell.” 

George E. Mueller, US Army, Retired


“It’s not often that we find a rising conservative rising not only with the courage to stand against the constant power-grabs of liberal democrats but also with a proven track record to back it up. Melissa Merrell is such a star, a courageous warrior in an age of political tepidness. In standing against Roy Cooper’s government-first shenanigans, in resisting democrat attempts to rule over Union County Schools from Raleigh, in refusing to cower to woke political correctness, Melissa has displayed a stellar courageous leadership that is rare and refreshing.   Battling for educational freedom and standing with parents against suffocating, oppressive mask mandates, fighting against democrat threats to close schools, and boldly opposing the communistic indoctrination curriculum known as  “Critical Race Theory”  Melissa blocked socialists on multiple fronts from imposing their irrational, heavy-handed, top-down will against the people in Union County. When others around the country folded, Melissa fought harder.  

Melissa Merrell has been the best school board chair in the United States.  She follows in the heritage and displays the courage of Union County’s greatest son, Senator Jesse A. Helms. 

Now, Melissa will bring a Constitution-first passion to the Union County Commissioners and will safeguard our rights from intrusion by Washington and Raleigh outsiders. Melissa will safeguard and keep Union County as one of the greatest and freest counties in the nation.  I whole-heartedly endorse Melissa Merrell for the Union County Board of Commissioners.” - Don Brown – Best Selling Author and Retired U.S. Navy JAG Officer


My wife and I fully support Melissa Merrell as a candidate for Union County Board of Commissioners! Ms. Merrell has served our community, as board member and Chairwoman of Union County Schools system since 2014.  We appreciate her efforts and dedicated service to ensure that the families and our children were provided for and received the most essential requirements of a future life, a good education through proper oversight and leadership. We thank you and you have our vote to make Union County a better community in which to live and thrive!

- Lynn & Phyllis Hoosier, Director NCC4CR


Melissa Merrell for Union County Commissioner
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